We promise to listen to you, work with you…

and do everything we can to find meaningful work for you. Below you’ll find types of Employment Options available to you. Remember, if you’re not currently employed, we encourage you to keep an open mind, as every assignment you work will only add to your experience.


Temp assignments can last from a few hours, to a few days to several months or longer. All of our client companies are delightful to work for (and if they’re not we want to know about it!). Working short-term assignments often advances your skill-level and usually offers you great flexibility in your work schedule.


Often referred to as temp to hire, this option gives both you and the employer an opportunity to assess the fit before committing to something more permanent. This is undoubtedly the most popular option for our clients. During the ‘trial period’ Judy’s will be your employer of record and you will be on our payroll. Following this period and at our client’s discretion, if you and the client are mutually satisfied you transfer to their payroll. Typically our client customers will interview and screen for these openings as thoroughly as they do for Direct Hire and the overwhelming majority of our Bridge2Hire placements are successful!


Contract positions with Judy’s Staffing and The JSS Group are generally in skilled tradesets such as Engineering, IT, Accounting and HR These assignments by and large are long-term, project-oriented and require a commitment by both parties.


If you are placed in a Direct Hire position, you immediately are employed by our client customer. Our role is to find the right place for you. We will facilitate the screening, submit your resume, and arrange interviews.

Choosing any of these options, please know that throughout, we promise to assist you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to ask us with assistance regarding your resume, interviewing tips or any other challenge you may have. We’re not successful, unless YOU are successful.

Always, there is NEVER a fee charged to you.