Dear customers and friends,

Judy Moore - Founder, Judy's Staffing

I hope your experience with Judy’s will be both pleasant and rewarding. Judy’s has earned the reputation for being the “Staffing Service that really cares”, and for that I am truly grateful. For many years, I have listened to the needs of my customers and acted upon them. I also understand fully the challenges of a job search. Although I no longer interview each and every one of you, or talk to every company, as I did in the earlier days, please be assured you will be in the best hands in the staffing industry. My staff is absolutely second to none, and will do everything in their power to take you one step closer to where you want to be. You will be treated with the dignity you deserve, and I will be following your outcome.

In reflecting over the last 42 years, it is surreal to recall the careers I’ve enhanced, the lives I have touched, and the friendships I have made. My blessings have been bountiful. Yet while my growth and prosperity have been beyond my wildest imagination, my goals and vision have never wavered. Let me personally assure you that you will not be a number, or means to an end.

I pray your encounters with Judy’s will always be pleasing and respectful. Thank you for your kind expressions and trust through the years. Hopefully, working with Judy’s will always be a pleasant and fulfilling experience. My staff and I look forward to being of service to you.

Judy S. Moore, CSP